Are you a hero?

Hometown Heroes Program

Firefighter, Police, EMT/Paramedic, Doctor, Nurse, Military & More

- Firefighters (we are firefighter parents to an Arlington firefighter)
- EMTs/Paramedics (we are parents to a Care Flight paramedic)
- Nurses (we are parent in-laws to a Harris Hospital nurse)
- Active duty
- Retired military
- Reservists
- Wounded warriors
- Police officers
- Doctors
- Teachers
as your Hometown Heroes certified specialist, we value your service and would like to offer a special benefit to thank you.  

Hometown Heroes is a FREE real estate REBATE and information program that allows you to EARN CASH BACK when you buy or sell a home. 

For more details on how you can benefit from this program when buying or selling your next home, contact me (at the bottom of this page).

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